IQVIA™ Real-World Insights Bibliography


DROP-DOWN MENUS: Use the drop-down menus on the left to select your criteria and press SEARCH. Or you can key mixed search criteria in the ‘Keyword search’ top right.
KEYWORD SEARCH: You can key mixed search criteria in the ‘Keyword search’ top right. This search will look for results that match ALL the keywords (not just ANY of the keywords).
AUTHORS: Note that Keyword search is the only method to search the database by author.
PRINT RESULTS: You can print the search results by clicking PRINT RESULTS while viewing the search results.

The Report is the method of creating a list of selected items.
CREATING A REPORT: You can add items to your Report by clicking Add to report. Once you have selected the items that interest you, you can view these items by clicking the VIEW REPORT menu.
PRINTING A REPORT: Reports can be printed using the PRINT REPORT menu button.
SAVING OR EXPORTING A REPORT: You can save a Report by either printing the Report as a PDF document using the PRINT REPORT facility or by exporting the Report using the DOWNLOAD REPORT menu button. Downloads are created as a .csv file (comma separated values) which can be opened by your spreadsheet program.

Further information
You can use the CONTACT link at the bottom of every page to find the IMS HEOR contact for your region. There is also a link to the HEOR web pages on